Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interim Summary...

To get a better perspective on the discussion so far, lets review the main topics reviewed so far:

  • Changing Market dynamics - What is driving the ERP vendors to the SMB market,

  • The technology aspect - SOA & how it is helping vendors in preparing for the mid market,

  • On-demand model - that is revolutionizing the way software is delivered to customers,

  • Open source - the movement that is gaining momentum. Interesting read "In Search of an Open Source Business Model" @ http://www.sandhill.com/opinion/editorial.php?id=144&page=1

From the above it is clear that our focus has been mostly on software/technolgy so far. We have neither touched upon the needs of a SMB nor have we discussed the business benefits that a SMB can accrue from ERP.

More to come...


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