Friday, July 20, 2007

ERP & Open Source

Like the parallel economy...There is a parallel revolution going in the software industry. It is called the OPEN SOURCE development. Numerous Open Source softwares are being designed and developed by exceptionally talented and dedicated software professionals around the world. Unlike their commercial counterparts, these softwares are available for FREE with (almost) no strings attached. Of course, downloading a software and making it work for you is not a trivial task. So, there is an ecosystem of smart companies around the OPEN SOURCE movement that make these software available to their users at minimal (compared to their commercial rivals) cost.

ERP is not untouched by this revolution.

A notable company in the ERP arena is Compiere. We will talk more about Compiere in the next post. Pl visit Compiere at and you will find interesting stuff out there.

As we will see, Open Source ERP is yet another feasible alternative with limitations of course. More later.

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